The Lyons' love for God has always been the focal part of everything that they've done as a unit. Take, for instance, the passion that they share for Cosmetic Dentistry. As a team and with God's strength, they continue to perfect their craft by furthering their training and completing Continuing Education courses.

To the Lyons, giving new smiles to patients has always been equally exciting and humbling. Unfortunately, they know that all too well that having a new smile is a luxury not afforded to everyone. This has never sat well with the duo. They knew that somewhere out there is a woman who hasn't smiled in photos in years because she's too embarrassed by the condition of her teeth. They've also lamented further that there's probably a young man out there who has endured years of bullying due to his crooked teeth. All of this was the catalyst that birthed The Lyons Share, established in March 2019, which is a charitable extension of their practice, Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry. Each year, at least 4 people from an underserved community, starting at the age of 18, will be chosen for smile makeovers. Notably, even the name The Lyons Share has a spiritual connotation.  Plainly, The Lyons Share means to give away a major portion or share of something. The Lyons share is Drs. Lyons way of sharing the fruits of their God-given talents in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry.